Who we are

M. Edwards & Associates is a full service investigative firm, serving individuals to large corporations.  From a single background check to full scale Due Diligence investigations.  


We strive to be unique and be the industries best at the services we offer.


When searching for a private investigative firm, we know you are bombarded by website after website that describe the staff members experience, however if you could decipher all of that information, there is a good chance you would not be online looking for an investigative firm.  


In today's day and age, a sophisticated, desktop investigation can be just as important and useful as having someone conduct field surveillance for you.  At M. Edwards & Associates, we offer a superb blend of legitimate, professional field investigative experience along with extensive professional database research and risk management experience.


Gone are the days of a retired police detective obtaining inside information from a pal that is still on the job; remember - if you are seeking to use any evidence obtained, it must be legally obtained.


Keep in mind that the information available to a licensed private investigator is far and above what can be found by simply "Googling" or utilizing an online " background" or "national criminal history" search.


We can help you or your business find the information you are in need of.  Call us today at 1-888-978-7496

Our Services:

M Edwards Associates Investigation Compass

Our suite of services include everything from flat rate surveillance packages to complex due diligence investigations.  We offer a white glove special request service as needed.  All of our services are performed with the utmost sensitivity and within the guidelines of ethical and legal practice.  

The founders of M. Edwards & Associates have been providing comprehensive investigative services to a wide variety of clientele  throughout the United States for over 20 years.

Our founder and president, Michael Toomey, possesses extensive industry experience including law enforcement, risk management and oversight of the investigative platform with an industry leading insurance fraud defense team.  Additionally, Mr. Toomey holds a Certified Fraud Examiner certification from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and is directly involved with each case at M. Edwards and Associates.