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It absolutely can hurt you and your business. M. Edwards & Associates is a full service investigative firm serving individuals to large corporations.  We strive to be unique and set the industry standards for service at its best.  

Can what you don't know hurt you or your business?

•Due Diligence

•Litigation Support

•Personal Investigations


Don’t put yourself or your business at risk.  Contact us today to schedule a time we can review your needs and help you with the best solutions our services can offer.  

M. Edwards & Associates has the capability and resources to provide local and national clients with the most accurate and pertinent information available.  

Comprehensive Services

Investigative Excellence

M. Edwards & Associates strives to set industry standards at the level of services offered, unique and new investigative strategies and sustaining the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Ethics, Efficiency & Experience

Our highly experienced staff procures information through qualified sources and professional investigation, always within the guidelines of ethical and legal practice. Founder and president, Michael Toomey, holds a Certified Fraud Examiner certification and is actively involved in every case.  

"Gone are the days of a retired police detective obtaining inside information from a pal that's still on the job; remember if you are seeking to use any evidence obtained, it must be legally obtained."  

~M. Toomey,  CFE

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