Trust is the building block for any and every relationship regardless if it is a personal relationship or a business relationship.  M. Edwards holds this word "truth" with such high regard we have built our reputation on the idea of being the "One-Stop Shop" for our clients investigating needs.  Our screenings allow our clients to decipher the worthiness of the people they are putting their trust in.  

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Are you the victim of infidelity or a party to a Family Court action in New York State?  Whether you need evidence for your own peace of mind or evidence to assist you or your attorney in a court action, let our team of experienced investigators provide the expert assistance you deserve.  

Personal Investigations

Like most people, the thought of utilizing the services of a professional investigator may have seemed out of reach to you - M. Edwards can offer you extremely affordable rates, from flat rate surveillance to hourly investigations, flexible payment options and can tailor any investigation to suit your budget and circumstances.

Every investigation is documented with a formal, comprehensive report and copies of any video evidence secured is provided to you.

Let M. Edwards and Associates assist you with any or all of the following:

•Background checks


•Undercover operations

•GPS tracking where allowed by law

•Hidden assets locates

•Missing Persons

•Covert camera installation

•Club and bar compliance visits

•Employment infiltration

•Pre-nuptial background investigations


Personal Investigations are just that highly personal.  M. Edwards and Associates strives to bring peace of mind to all of our valued customers.  

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